Monday, November 10, 2008

Today starts 18 weeks!

I cannot believe I am starting my eighteenth week. My morning sickness has decided to make a special appearance the past week, other than that I have been feeling great. Our doctor appointment today went well, all the babies are doing great. One of the boys measure 7oz (yes its seems weird do measure for weight but that is how it is done) and everyone else is at 8oz. They are all squished together other than Baby D who has the penthouse.

We had a wonderful shower this weekend and we were very spoiled by our friends. Thank you Tara for a fabulous shower and to everyone for all the gifts. We met with Casey on Friday, one of the quad moms we have gotten to know, and she brought over all kinds of goodies for the babies. They are going to look beautiful in all their clothes...thank you so very much!

I know many of you have been asking about names so here you go, and yes these have changed a little for those of you we had previously told...

Baby A - Logan Anderson

Baby B - Cody Richard

Baby C - Elizabeth Sage

Baby D - Madison Isabelle

Brandon put a lot of thought into this and he came up with a great idea. If you take the first letters of their first and middle names it spells out Miracles. It was much harder than we thought and some names we had previously wanted were not able to make it in there, but we are so excited for our little ones.

Here are some pictures from today:






Misty said...

That is so awesome on the names! I LOVE IT!
Congrats on getting to 18weeks! I am so happy for you! I'll try and call tomorrow. Hope you can make the PAMOM meeting. Would love to see you.

Stephanie said...

THe names are just beautiful! What a great idea!
Congrats on making it to 18 weeks! Just 10 or so more weeks right?!?

Heidi said...

Amy Jo and Brandon
Love the names!!!!!!
Love Heidi

Anonymous said...

My baby D had the penthouse too! I always said before i delivered that baby D was goingto be attached to me because he was closest to mommy's heart, AND HE IS!! So little Madison, watch out :)
I am so glad i got to spend time with you and brandon on friday.
The babies sono pictures look amazing and you are doing such a great job. THOSE ARE FANTASTIC WEIGHTS!!

Anonymous said...

Amy-Jo and Brandon: Love The Names...I think that is the sweetest reason for giving a child a name...These four babies are very lucky...Love Aunt Connie

Anonymous said...

Hi S.Six,
We all love the names. Everyone I called think you both did such a great job. "The miracles" is the sweetest thing. Those babies are so lucky to have you two for parents. Know we love all of you and talk with you soon.
hugs and love----Nana & Papa