Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Updates

Okay I have time for a quick update on everyone, no time to put pictures up though sorry.

They have all started feedings, about 3cc's per feed. It has been mostly mixed success as it is with most preemies. Sometimes they digest everything, sometimes they don't but we are making progress. Everyone is hitting the tanning lights today to cure a slight case of jaundice. Shouldn't be too long before they are off.

Logan is finally catching up to his sisters and is now on room air. He did have a little hiccup though. They did a sonogram of his heart and found what is called a Artial Septal Defect or ASD. Basically there is valve in his heart between the right and left chambers that is not closed. This causes his oxygenated blood to mix with his un-oxygenated blood, causing him to work a little harder to get good blood. It is not fatal and there is a 50% chance the valve will close on its own, if not they can repair it and he should live a normal healthy life. Here is a web site I found that gives some better details.

Mom is getting back on her feet and she hopes to get up to the NICU and hold the last of her babies today. She has had a chance to hold Lizy and Logan, but poor Madi has been left out. Its been hard trying to balance the pumping and feeding schedules to make sure we get there on time for touch time, but we are doing a better job.

I have some video I took last night that I will try to get up today. Their eyes open at feeding time so its the best time for me to try and capture them on film for the world to see.

A quick note about visitors. We can have visitors in the NICU, they can't hold or touch the babies yet but are able to stop in and see them with us. Restrictions are if you have been sick or around anyone that is sick in the last 2 weeks you cannot come by. But if you are healthy please stop by we would love to see you, just give me a call to find out when we will be around.

Finally, some people had asked about our little hero Cody who we lost at 18 weeks. His body remained inside for the rest of the pregnancy and they were able to gather the remains at birth and save them for us. We are planning on having him cremated and we will decide on any future plans later. This really was the hardest part of the whole delivery as it was very bitter sweet. But having the ability to save his remains and that the nurses were actually able to get little foot prints for us to save will make this a little easier. We firmly believe that he sacrificed himself for his brother and sisters, without which they may have not survived. He is now and will always remain our hero, I only hope one day when presented with an opportunity I can be as brave as my unborn child Cody was in his sacrifice.


Cochran Quads said...

Awesome post! So proud for you and your family!! Can't wait to see pictures, but enjoy your time and get some much needed rest! Much love and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon,
Such a wonderful post, you have a way with words and I still think you shuld do a book of this blog, if only for the little ones to read someday. We are so happy for you and Amy-Jo and the babies. Tell them G. Nana & G. Papa love them and can't wait to meet them.All our love---Nana & Papa

Mountain Girl said...

I am so glad that little Cody left some physical memories of his hero-ness. I am sure the delivery was bittersweet because of him losing his life to save his siblings. What an awesome Cody! Will look forward to seeing more pictures and continue to pray that the babies all get out of the NICU as soon as possible!

Misty said...

that was such a beautiful post! I so enjoyed seeing ya'll tonight and am so happy for ya'll!
AJ, when your ready, we will schedule that massage!
Love ya!

edbteach said...

Thank you for the update on your little hero Coday. You have a way with words. Your other babies are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Brandon, your paragraph about Cody gave me goosebumps. he is your families angel, NO DOUBT!!
I saw teh videos too, AND THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! MANNNNN they are cute. I can DO think Madison looks like daddy! I cant tell with Logan. Lizzy does look like AJ.
Cant wait to meet them!!
So proud of you guys! LOVE YOU!