Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are some video's we were able to take yesterday. Sorry about the unsteady filming I will improve I promise! Special thanks to AJ's parents for the Christmas gift that made these video's possible.

In order
Mom with Madi
Logan in his bed
Dad with Lizy
Lizy in bed


Anonymous said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! AJ, you're looking great, keep taking care of yourself. Wish we could be there to meet Madi, Lizy and Logan!
Love you all, Barb & Tim

Lindsay F. MI said...

Totally made my day! My week! I LOVE seeing you holding your angels. It is all worth it now, isn't it? A parent's love is absolutely amazing. I am so glad you have 3x the amount! You both deserve it so very very much. Thanks for taking the time to upload the videos. I loved all of them. Don't be surprised if I make the drive to Texas.. ha ha, if only I could. Well, I'm still sending you hugs anyways.
Congratulations! Love, Lindsay Francuck

Emily and Andrew said...

Amy Jo and Brandon,

Just wanted to say congratulations!!!! We are all so proud of you for hanging in there through the tough times! They are absolutely gorgeous. You guys are going to be such wonderful parents, those babies are sooooo lucky! I only wished I could have taken care of you more! You were a joy to have on our floor! Keep in touch and enjoy those babies!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Sathers,
You all just won OSCARS, the videos are beautiful. Madi looks just like you did as a baby A.J. Thank you for sharing in these precious moments. Know we love you all, can't wait to meet them in person.
hugs and love--G.Nana & G. Papa

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

These videos are so precious they made me cry!! I'm so happy for you both. The babies look great! I'm so glad you posted a note about little Cody--the babies will always have a guardian angel in heaven.

Joanne said...

So sweet! Thanks for the videos Brandon-good job. Great job on those beautiful babies Amy! Take good care of yourself-your little body has been through so much-but such great prizes in those sweet babies. You are still on the prayer list at church in CA. Everyone here so happy for you. God bless you. Love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! My maybe was in the NICU at Presby as well (nursery d ;)) The babies are doing so awesome! My baby was a "single" born at 33 weeks and yours are already doing better than she did. I am so happy for you guys. Ya'll are in our prayers. The NICU can be a little numbing, but enjoy every touch time you can ... it will all be a blur once you get those precious babies home!!! God bless

Anonymous said...

The videos were amazing, you both look great with those little angels. Congratulations again!!!

Love you & miss you,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Carrie and Marty Simek

cousin Heidi said...

Can not even begin to tell you how sweet those babies look, GREAT JOB !!!!
Can't wait to hear they can go home!!!
Love Cousin Heidi

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! It's your favorite cousin from MI..:) (Becky) Anthony and I just wanted to tell you both CONGRATULATIONS! And you all look great and healthy...smooch the babies for us and we can't wait to meet them someday. Get lots of rest when you can and make sure you eat and drink LOTS of water! :) loads of love to you all!
The Wells

Faye said...