Thursday, February 19, 2009



Madison meeting mommy for the first time.


Logan meeting mommy.

Elizabeth meeting mommy


CPAP, we don't need no stinking CPAP! Terrible grammar aside we got some good news today. Apparently, Elizabeth took herself off of CPAP in the middle of the night, not a big fan of it I guess. The nurses decided to monitor how she did and to everyone's delight she was fine so no CPAP for her, only room air. Around 1 this afternoon Madison was doing so well they took her off CPAP as well, couldn't let her little sis steal all that room air. Logan is still on oxygen but doing well.

For those who remember our little Logan's heart issue while in utero you'll be happy to know so far there is nothing showing up on any tests that should raise any flags. They are going to do a couple more but the thought is the heart should be fine. He is suffering from some positioning issues which have his head kind of tilted towards his left shoulder and his head is a little mis-shapen. Neither should cause any long term issues and the occupational therapist is pretty confident she can "straighten" him out. This is pretty common with multiples as the baby on the bottom has a lot of weight sitting on top of them, so basically no worries.

Mom is having a tough time, but is doing well. She is in a lot of pain and is finding it difficult to get in and out of bed, it really is too high for her and she struggles to use those ab muscles (can't figure out why). She is so excited to finally "officially" be a mom, she can't wait to hold them all. We should get to hold the girls later (I did hold Lizy earlier but Mom couldn't make it down) while they fed. They are getting fed through a tube that goes all the way to their stomach, they will try to introduce bottle feeding in about 2 - 3 weeks. They are on a strict every 3 hour feeding schedule and this is the only time they can be touched. Currently we are the only two that can hold them but hopefully soon grandparents can as well.

I am a little tired as we are not getting sleep so if this post has huge holes in information I apologize. If there is anything you are curious about please leave a comment and I will answer it next time I post.

Here are some photos of the babies from yesterday. We did not get too many today as I forgot the charger at home. Hopefully I can get some good close up shots tomorrow. For the record Elizabeth has a lot of AJ's features while Logan and Madison have more of mine. Still to early to tell if this is actual or just sleep deprived parents projecting what they want to see, time will tell.
Okay so I have made fun of everyone under the sun on this blog so now I must turn the table on myself. I was looking in the mirror yesterday and too my surprise I found 4 or 5 grey whiskers. I will be 29 in a week and my babies are less then a day old and I already have grey whiskers. By the time these babies are one I will have lost all my hair, grown a santa beard and waited in line at the bank, what a year in front of me.


Mountain Girl said...

What cute little babies you have! I hope Mommy gets to feeling better soon and ya'll will be able to hold the babies more and more. I look to see if you've posted pictures everyday!

Tina said...

Awww, they are precious as can be. Yeah for no CPAP! I am hoping for mommy to get healthy and healed fast!

Moni Graf said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you guys! Awesome news about Logan's heart...I'm sure his head shape will follow suit.

Love your updates Brandon...they always make me smile.

Congrats Amy-Jo and Brandon! You did awesome!

Love from KS,

Andrew and Jenica said...

Congratulations again! Those babies are a beautiful blessing! We're so glad that everyone is healthy at this point, and we look forward to all of the updates. Well be praying for everyone's health. PS. Addison will love to meet her new friends...someday.

Lindsay said...

Brandon- Thanks for the update! I've been waiting ALL DAY! Give Amy-Jo a HUGE hug from me and tell her I am so proud of her. You are awesome too... it is definetely more exhausting for you to watch all this happen... hard to grasp it all. Tell Amy-Jo I know EXACTLY what she means about getting in and out of bed. I had a C-Section too and had the same problem. It is hard being short people! Tell her to get a step stool by her bed. This helped me and then somebody lowered me in bed and got me out of bed. Of course, the drugs help some too!
I am so glad to hear Logan has escaped the heart issues. I've been worrying.
Big hugs and many prayers coming your way. Get some sleep and then go hold those babies!
Love, Lindsay Francuck

Anonymous said...

They are doing so GREAT!!!
No worries on the grey hairs, robbie can tell you it doesnt get any better, he went through the same thing :)
AJ, cant wait to here about you holding them. Sorry you are in so much pain, this too shall pass, promise!!!! LOVE YOU

cousin heidi said...

BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!!! Tell AMY JO the keey to getting back together is she has got to walk!!! Speaking as a nurse and as her cousin who understands the pain as I had c section those muscles need her to walk !!!
Take care both of you and Logan , Lizy and Madi

Anonymous said...

The babies are beautiful & I am sure you both are glowing parents. Imagine me hugging you all because I am so excited for you & wish I could be there with you. I am sorry Amy-Jo that you aren't feeling very well, doesn't it feel great to have 3 beautiful babies waiting to see you. When do you get to go home, I bet Blue can't wait to meet his brother & sisters & see his mommy at home again. I love you all very much. Harley is sitting here looking at the babies with me, just thought you would like to know that. Talk to you soon, miss you & can't wait to me your angels.


Anonymous said...

Hello to the Sathers family,
Beautiful babies and it is so nice to see the pictures, since I can't be there yet. We are thinking of all of you and giving thanks for your health and happiness. So good to talk with you A.J. Sending love and hugs to all of you.
love you all to pieces.
Nana & Papa

Kerry said...

So, so beautiful! thank you for posting the pics, and what incredible news re: the babies' lungs and breathing!

AJ, take it easy - you will heal sooner than you think. :)

Misty said...

They are just gorgeous! AJ, the first week is the hardest with the c-section, but it gets much better by day10!
I'm so happy for ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Brandon and Amy-Jo, you have done so well! We are so happy for you. Enjoy every second of being 'official' parents! It's the MOST AMAZING experience! We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!
Love, Derek Ry and Luke