Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the Oscar goes to.....

Watching a few minutes of the Oscars last week gave me a great idea for a post and just haven't had time until now to write it. We have had so manypeople help us these past few months we find it only appropriate to thank them all here on our blog.

First a quick update from the past several days. Yes we are finally home,Mom and Dad anyway not the kiddo's yet. Everyone is doing great Amy-Jo is regaining her strength more each day. Elizabeth, Madison and Logan are all trying to get out of the hospital as fast as possible. Their feedings are progressing nicely which is key to gaining weight and getting out of that place! They checked everyone for brain bleeds (the biggest risk forpreemies outside of breathing issues) and we are all clear, big relief there. I will try to get some more pictures up this weekend, no promises though!

Okay now to the thank you's.

Amy-Jo's mom Shelly - for staying with us for 2+ months while Amy-Jo was in the hospital. She did laundry, stayed with Amy-Jo during the day while I worked and basically anything else that was needed. Shelly we couldn't have done it with out you!

My mom - for jumping on a plane back in November and helping us when we thought we may lose all the babies. Having her and Shelly here that week was good for both of us.

The 4 north nursing staff - Dawn, Amber, Jennifer, April, Angie, Lily, Neha, Ladana, Chantal, Liem, Chrissy, Margrate, Temmy, Natalia, Tammy and everyone else that had to put up with us for 3 months a big thanks. This is by far the best staff anywhere and we became good friends with a lot of our regulars. We miss you all!

Casey and Robbie Gerwer - They have helped in more ways then I can remember. They were the first ones to show us we can survive this thing. They have helped so much in getting us prepared for what ever is coming next. Not to mention all the toys, clothes and other goodies they have passed along to us. We honestly could not have done this without them.

Dave and Mariana - They watched our dog for the first two months we were in the hospital. This allowed me to stay with Amy-Jo and not have to head home every night to take care of our Blue monster. I think Mariana even got a little attached by the end, well maybe not.

Misty Urech - AJ's mentor. She has been there from almost the beginning coaching us along and helping in any way she could.

Tara and Steven Lenney - They were nice enough to throw us a baby shower here in Dallas for our friends who live in the area. It was such a great time (we actually had it before bed rest so a long time ago!) and since we will not be able to attend the shower back home in Michigan it was great to have this experience.

Aaron, Corey, Kristen, and Phil - For visiting us in the hospital and bring food/gifts along with some welcome company. With all of our family living in another state it was nice to have visitors to help break up the monotony.

The many, many people who have been nice enough to send gifts or donate hand me downs. We obviously have tons of things to buy so any help is so greatly appreciated.

And of course you the blog reader - Without your kind words and prayers I don't know if we could have made it as long as we did. It's the support everyone has shown that makes doing these blogs worth while. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Another great one Brandon, I am going to miss these after the babies are home and you will be too busy for blogging. I will have to keep in touch by phone and a visit. I look at the pictures and videos many times a day. Thank you for those. Hope to see all of you soon.
love and hugs-----Nana

Misty said...

I'm so honored! How long of an acceptance speech do I get?? Just kidding!
I am so glad ya'll are all doing well! I wish I could have done more for ya'll during the pregnancy! Let me know whatever I can do now, even if it is just to bring some food over & burp a baby.

Cousin Heidi said...

So glad to hear AmyJo is home and the babies are doing good......Tomorrow is the shower here in Michigan I am so excited Fred's checkbook not so much But I am!!!!!! I wanted to buy everything!!!!! Brandon I upped the 12 pack of Bud Light to a case as you deserve and oscar for outstanding updates on the progress of Amy Jo it sure helped the family up here!!!! Amy Jo you have not been forgotten by me I have something very special for you as well!!!!
Love Cousin Heidi

Anonymous said...

WE will ALWAYS be there!! We have enjoyed every moment of your journey and our friendship and CANT WAIT for the awesome memories we will all have with the kids. LOVE YOU GUYS!! HUG THE BABIES, tell them their new best friends give them hugs too!