Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's all about the Loganation!

I would like to first say that I did not check over this so it may not make sense and most likely is me rambling.

We have been putting off updates on Logans MRI results because we had to have some other tests ran to verify any other possibilities. The results from the MRI in laymans terms is that the back of Logans brain is smooth and there is brain malformation which leads to the cerebral palsy. When the brain is developing it is supposed to have a ribboning on the cortex and there are portions on his brain that are not developing properly. The good news is the chromosome and gene testing (that took over six weeks for results) we had done came back negative, as in good news. We are so grateful for these results and will be seeing the genetics doctor this week that saw Logan in the NICU.

There is a lot of information the neurologist hit us with yesterday and we are still trying to digest all of it. Here is a short list: there are some ventricles in Logans brain that are enlarged, the white matter is not complete but it could still form, and the grey matter is not normal.

Right now other than therapy we just have to wait and see how Logan will progress and develop over the next few years. There is not anything that can be done to "fix" his brain, Logan still has physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and we are also looking into other therapy possibilities. One of our focuses right now is to get Logan to sit by himself, after that we will work on standing, and the possibility of walking is still there. As you know Brandon and I are both very stubborn and determined people and we will never give up on any possibilities for Logan. He is extremely motivated and the girls keep that motivation going all day long.

I am sure we will be doing another update in the next couple of weeks to keep everyone updated on everything and any new progress or information we learn.

Love and hugs!



Mountain Girl said...

Wow, that is a lot of information that you were bombarded with! Doctors don't know what Logan will show them and what therapy and most of all his family can help him do! Baby's brains can also accommodate and adjust. I'm glad God chose two "stubborn" parents for Logan! :-)

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for keeping us updated on everything! Still praying for all of you!
I know you 2 will do everything in your power!!

Andrew said...

You both are awesome parents. Thank you for sharing through difficult times. You are in our prayers.

Love, Andrew and Jenica

KSDallas said...

Hi. I am a lurker but felt the need to comment on the things you are going through. There is another blog I follow that I thought would be good for you to read.


The mom was prego with 6 and lost all but 1. Her son is thriving now, but does have some set backs. He is an amazing little boy that also had trouble walking, standing, sitting, etc. He now uses a walker and can run all over the place with it. Anyway, if you get a second I hope you will check out the link.


Gen McNulty said...

You are the strongest, most wonderful, pro active, loving and beautiful parents I know.

I love you Aj! Hang in there. You amaze me ever day and so does Mr. Logan.


The Cochran Crew said...

That little dude is gonna laugh in the face of anyone that says he can't do something, I just know it! He's soooo blessed to have y'all as parents! Love ya!

Joy said...

Hello, I love your blog :-) I wanted to post because I have a daughter who had a grade 4 brain bleed at birth (the worst grade she could've had) and wanted to let you know that you are right to keep the faith. My Lori walked at 11 months adjusted aged despite some grim predictions by the doctors and after PT, OT, orthotics etc, she is a fully functional kindergartner now along with her identical twin sister. Don't give up, be proactive (sounds like you already are) and keep pushing as much as you can. He will see his siblings doing things and that will motivate him tremendously. We will pray for y'all!!

Melissa M said...

I have been following your blog since you were pregnant. I think your clan is BEAUTIFUL and I think God gave you what you can handle. I know in the beginning things were touch and go but seeing your beautiful family grow over the past year is amazing. You seem very strong and seem to make the best of it so I think Logan has an awesome chance at all things possible!! Good Luck and I will continue to watch and pray!

Misty said...

Ya'll are such amazing parents! Logan is so lucky to have parents who love & will fight for him!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy & Brandon,
This is Courtney (Christine's sis in law). I just wanted to tell you that we follow your blog daily and your sweet family is in our thoughts and prayers! You are such strong parents and we are just amazed by you two. Hope we get to meet you soon!! xoxo

Courtney Davis

Rebecka Vigus said...

Logan will develop in his own time and he will surprise us all. Hugs all around. Love you.

Brianna said...

Hi Amy-Jo. I just found your blog through your follow of mine.

What a life changing diagnosis CP can be, but what amazing things a child can do if he just has the support. And it sounds like Logan has it. You seem like such a wonderful mother. I wish we could get together and have coffee.

Little Green Pastures