Monday, March 15, 2010

One year updates and more...

We went to their one year check up just after their birthday, boy was that fun. My parents were in town to help me and they got to experience 4 shots for 3 babies at once. These were the worst shots they have ever received and they were not calming down quickly, I just hate them being in any pain at all and would give anything for me to get all 12 shots instead (and I HATE needles). Yes I do take my camera with me to the doctors to document everything, never after shots though.

Their current measurements are:


Weight: 18lbs 2oz

Height: 28in


Weight: 21lbs 4oz

Height: 30in


Weight: 17lbs 7.4oz

Height: 27 3/4 in

We choose to not put their head measurements on here because if you have been following us since the beginning you know that Logans head size has always been smaller and we don't want people comparing them or judging them.
Grammie, I don't want those mean people to come in here...please protect me.

Grandpa trying to control the squiggle worm and Mr Man.

The kiddos were not feeling that great after shots so Mommy put in a Baby Einstein DVD to let them relax.

Everyone is doing great. Logan currently has a viral rash which and they cannot tell us why or from what so we are waiting that out. The girls are teething machines! Elizabeth is cutting all four molars right now and once they are in she will have 12 teeth! Madison is cutting two molars now and once they are in she will have 9 once they are through. Then there is Logan who does not currently have any teeth, I think he doesn't want the trouble of trying new foods yet.

We have so many nicknames for the kids and they answer to all of them so we wanted to share, there may be more that come to me later.

Logan - Lougee, Loganator, Loganation, Doodle Bug, Mr Man, Loggie (lowgee), Lougination, Anderson (middle name)

Elizabeth - Lizy, Sage (middle name), Pinky, Sagey, Bear, Dragon, Barbarian, Sweet Pea

Madison - Madi, Madi Belle, Isabelle (middle name), Monkey, Ducky, Squiggles, Belle, Belly

Now for some pictures of the cutest kiddos ever!!!

Yes this is how I found Miss Elizabeth Sage when I was cleaning up Logan...I'm telling you she is trouble for us all.

Logan loving his new chair, this reaction is Logans face 75% of the day, he is so happy.

Mama, did you see what I did, I ROCK!!

Then there is his serious face, he is really concentrating here, one of my favorite faces. Don't you just wanna kiss him!?!

Wow look at those shirts, I wonder where Mommy got these...maybe we should check out Designed For Babies, We love you Auntie Casey! Oh and check out her blog to see how you can win a gift certificate and free shipping!!! Mommy loves all the clothes for her, Daddy, and us on this site!

For a closer look...

The girls are always together and Miss Lizy is helping Madison ride while Mommy was sick.

When the blinds come up the girls are at the window...notice how Madison is so small her pants are always falling off.

The shirts we bought on our Bahama trip...too cute.

We made it out to a park over a week ago for the first time! Logan was okay for a while...weeeee!

Lizy Bear loved it, she is going to be the one riding roller coasters with Daddy and Mommy.

Madison, well maybe next time...

Logan fell asleep on the walk back to the house, if we stopped his eyes opened but he enjoyed the ride.
Ok sissy, you can go once I give the lion lots of kisses. Love Madison in this picture.

This is a very common pose, both have balls banging on the window. I am terrified that one day these will break and the glass will shatter, however they are having fun and are entertained.

Hey Lizy, I think there are lots of ball pit balls under here...

I always make the bed unless I don't feel good then I could care less, well, last week this is how I found Blue and he is laying on Brandons pillow...missing his daddy.

Madison has started twirling her stinkin cute!

Logan laughing at The Blue most likely...when he walks by Logan is hysterical.

Elizabeths favorite thing lately is to give kisses, she is thinking about this one though.

Here Madi I will push you again...when is it my turn...Mommy get better SOON!

Jammie day with Mommy, yay!!!

Logan with his physical therapist, he loves Miss Kellye so much just mention her name and he smiles. He also does whatever she tries, unlike when Mommy is working with him.

Love to you all!!!!



1/2 dozen blessings said...

LOVE IT ALL- Especially Logan's COOL chair. I have to say...that is awesome. What a cool stud! The girls are so seeing all the fun toys. Wish we had more room here for more stuff....or just more room...HA! Hope everyone is feeling well and the rash goes away. Great update. Love the AZ Crisanti Family
(who never blogs anymore...ha)

Stephanie said...

Logans chair is really neat...isnt it great that they can provide him with one!?!?!
Love all their sweet facial expressions!
They just melt my heart!
Great post!!

Mountain Girl said...

Yes, they are the cutest kids ever! :-) Love the pictures and the updates. Keep on keepin on, Mr. Man! The girls look like double trouble - in a good way! HA! (until they are about 13!)