Friday, March 19, 2010

Under Promise - Over Deliever

So when I posted on Sunday that we would have 3 more blogs this week I totally forgot two things. First its March Madness and its really hard to blog while watching TV. Second, there really isn't that much to blog about in a week. I mean the kids don't grow that fast. The only reason I am even bothering to put up this blog is because a certain other Quad mom didn't think I would follow through. I won't call her out by name, but lets just say it rhymes with Gasey Cerwer. So HA Gasey! But this is a basic lesson in the under promise - over deliver theory. Totally forgot that when I made the statement and really regretting it right now.

Anyway, I honestly have nothing left to say. We have a couple of doctor appointments for Logan next week and will get a little more info on treatment, etc. I will be sure to update everyone next weekend. Until then good luck with your brackets, mine already sucks and pretty sure AJ is going to beat me again, just great.

AJ just reminded me that Logan does actually have his two front teeth coming in...she is overly excited about this and more food opportunities. However at the same time we would really like Logan to sleep all night again soon.

*EDIT - Thanks to our anonymous commenter for the idea of accepting questions. Please send in your questions and we will select the best to answer here. And to answer "anonymous" question, none of my children will be Saints fans, ever. I will disown them if they do. I know who you are and don't even try to sway them! AJ however may help in that area :).

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Anonymous said...

What about questions? If your having trouble thinking of things to write, why dont you take questions from your blog fans. things like, Which one walks the fastest?...Which one can throw the farthest?...Who goes the longest without needing a change?...which one is most likely to become a Saints fan?