Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ok so you don't have to remind me that we have been a bit lazy with the blogging recently. So to make up for it we are going to go blog busters this week. Look for posts Monday (AJ), Wednesday (me again) and Friday (short straw) to catch everyone up on the happenings around the Sather house.

First and fore most yes we have walkers. Lizy took her first actual step awhile ago but starting Friday she was full fledged walking. And not to be outdone Madi was right behind her and Amy-Jo has called today the official Madi is a walker day. Here are some pics of the girls in action.

Lizy oh so proud of her new found skills.

Seriously can't you just see the trouble to come in those eyes.

Ok so today was a VERY hectic day so we didn't actually get any pics of Madi walking so this is as close as I could get. But trust me she is walking.

As for our boy Logan. He is doing very well with his therapy and making a lot of progress. More on this later but here is a chair one of his therapist made for him, he loves it and makes it easier for him to sit up and play.

All that work and this is usually how he ends up.

So Amy-Jo was pretty sick all week, she tried here to get the kids to veg out with her on the couch.

Three seconds later this is the result, ya three one year olds sitting still with out a harness, good luck Mommy!

I made it to a local second hand sale last weekend (more on this adventure Wednesday) but here is the "prize" of the day. The girls LOVE this thing. Lizy will just jump on and stare at you until you bounce her, yep wrapped around her little finger.

More from AJ tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

OMG they are so cute!!! Seriously! Miss Elizabeth, CRAZY cute! That face, omg i want to squeeze it!
Congrats on the walkers, things just got interesting :) LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU GUYS!
PS B, i will be keeping you to your blog week (i remember you held me to my promise in march of last year ;))

E. Merritt said...

Great to hear you have multiple walkers. We have one right now as well. I've been curious how those bouncy horses work. I just might look into one myself.

kimybeee said...

You guys are in trouble now that those girlies are walking. I always love Logan's expressions - he cracks me up!!

I can't imagine how busy you are with those three - but they grow up fast!

Bret and Heather said...

Holy Cow.... WALKERS??!! Baxlyn took her first steps last week but still not walking on her own. I love Logans chair and how ECI works so hard to make things easier on our sweet babies!!! AJ, hope you are feeling better, love you!!

Stephanie said...

I'll be sure to check back alot this week!!
They are all so stinking cute!
How awesome the girls are walking..get ready for trouble! lol

Andrew said...

I think we have a similar bouncy hourse, got ours at a second hand store. It plugs into the TV, but have never got Addison to sit still long enough to interact.

Jennie said...

Those kids are adorable! Congrats on walking! I love Logan's chair by the way. Looks so comfy and practical!

Anonymous said...

Walking is such a fun stage! Better watch out! Can't wait for more updates!

jag said...

Way to go Sather Babies!