Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's all about the Loganation!

I would like to first say that I did not check over this so it may not make sense and most likely is me rambling.

We have been putting off updates on Logans MRI results because we had to have some other tests ran to verify any other possibilities. The results from the MRI in laymans terms is that the back of Logans brain is smooth and there is brain malformation which leads to the cerebral palsy. When the brain is developing it is supposed to have a ribboning on the cortex and there are portions on his brain that are not developing properly. The good news is the chromosome and gene testing (that took over six weeks for results) we had done came back negative, as in good news. We are so grateful for these results and will be seeing the genetics doctor this week that saw Logan in the NICU.

There is a lot of information the neurologist hit us with yesterday and we are still trying to digest all of it. Here is a short list: there are some ventricles in Logans brain that are enlarged, the white matter is not complete but it could still form, and the grey matter is not normal.

Right now other than therapy we just have to wait and see how Logan will progress and develop over the next few years. There is not anything that can be done to "fix" his brain, Logan still has physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy and we are also looking into other therapy possibilities. One of our focuses right now is to get Logan to sit by himself, after that we will work on standing, and the possibility of walking is still there. As you know Brandon and I are both very stubborn and determined people and we will never give up on any possibilities for Logan. He is extremely motivated and the girls keep that motivation going all day long.

I am sure we will be doing another update in the next couple of weeks to keep everyone updated on everything and any new progress or information we learn.

Love and hugs!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...wait!!!

The date March 21st 2010, yes that does say March 21st and in Texas none the less. Last night the flurries started and this morning we woke up to snow and lots of it, a lot for Texas in March that is. I decided well I was too scared to take the kids out earlier in the year when it snowed so why not now, when the chance presents itself take full advantage. They all had on two pairs of pants, two long sleeve shirts (sweatshirts) with hoods and hats under them. Also thank you Aunt Connie they wore their Halloween gloves, we are not prepared for this weather.

After I made them go outside, which was not a success at all we came in turned the fire place on and of course listened to Christmas music while Daddy started his draft for fantasy baseball (which took 5 hours!).

Elizabeth was not thrilled about being outside or her hats!

After I dropped my camera in the snow Lizy was trying to escape, she was like a bulldozer headed towards Daddy.

I have decided no matter what I do somehow I always look ridiculous, quick pics with Mommy.

Back in we go to the fire and Christmas Music!

So as Brandon added to the last post we will be doing a Q&A post, send us your questions and we will try to answer the best we can. We will not be posting the comments with the questions to give people their privacy, plus we don't want to spoil the fun.

Love to you all!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Under Promise - Over Deliever

So when I posted on Sunday that we would have 3 more blogs this week I totally forgot two things. First its March Madness and its really hard to blog while watching TV. Second, there really isn't that much to blog about in a week. I mean the kids don't grow that fast. The only reason I am even bothering to put up this blog is because a certain other Quad mom didn't think I would follow through. I won't call her out by name, but lets just say it rhymes with Gasey Cerwer. So HA Gasey! But this is a basic lesson in the under promise - over deliver theory. Totally forgot that when I made the statement and really regretting it right now.

Anyway, I honestly have nothing left to say. We have a couple of doctor appointments for Logan next week and will get a little more info on treatment, etc. I will be sure to update everyone next weekend. Until then good luck with your brackets, mine already sucks and pretty sure AJ is going to beat me again, just great.

AJ just reminded me that Logan does actually have his two front teeth coming in...she is overly excited about this and more food opportunities. However at the same time we would really like Logan to sleep all night again soon.

*EDIT - Thanks to our anonymous commenter for the idea of accepting questions. Please send in your questions and we will select the best to answer here. And to answer "anonymous" question, none of my children will be Saints fans, ever. I will disown them if they do. I know who you are and don't even try to sway them! AJ however may help in that area :).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Blogging?!?!?!

Okay so I promised I would do a blog on Wednesday, what I didn't promise is that it would be a good blog. So here is my attempt at putting together a blog that does not sound like I tried to hurry through it.

So having one year olds is hard, but it is also fun and funny. I am constantly laughing at the silliness that is triplet one year old world. The best part of the day for me is the evening feed which I almost always do so I can spend time with the kids. There is no better example of how different the three are than their eating habits. Lizy is an eating machine, honestly if there was a baby eating competition she would win and it wouldn't be close. She can somehow eat a grill cheese, banana, jar of baby food and still find a way to squeeze in 6 oz of milk, I get full just watching her. And its not just the quantity that is impressive its the speed in which the girl eats. She is double fisted shoveling the food in like it would disappear if she doesn't eat it fast enough. And she LOVES to make a mess, as the pictures below show perfectly. I let her eat her yogurt with her hands and this was the result.

On the opposite end of the scale is Miss Madi Belle. For the past couple of weeks she has been freaking out at the table and we could not figure out why, until the other day. Turns out she has a bit of the OCD from her Mother. If she gets food on her bib or on her at all she freaks out! You can't miss or meal time is over, its a lot of pressure but we manage. The pic below is actually a pretty messy meal for her believe it or not.

Then there is the Mr. Logan. He struggles a little with the eating but he is starting to get pretty good. He still makes a huge mess.......okay so to be honest he doesn't make the mess I do, but still he ends up messy. Whats funny is he laughs the whole time, go figure. Here he is celebrating another meal.

Logan showing off his tummy skills.

As promised a Madison walking action shot.

The girls play chase around my lazy boy, it's pretty funny. It's always Lizy chasing Madi. I will try to get the video AJ took of them doing this, its good stuff.

Two blogs down one to go. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

One year updates and more...

We went to their one year check up just after their birthday, boy was that fun. My parents were in town to help me and they got to experience 4 shots for 3 babies at once. These were the worst shots they have ever received and they were not calming down quickly, I just hate them being in any pain at all and would give anything for me to get all 12 shots instead (and I HATE needles). Yes I do take my camera with me to the doctors to document everything, never after shots though.

Their current measurements are:


Weight: 18lbs 2oz

Height: 28in


Weight: 21lbs 4oz

Height: 30in


Weight: 17lbs 7.4oz

Height: 27 3/4 in

We choose to not put their head measurements on here because if you have been following us since the beginning you know that Logans head size has always been smaller and we don't want people comparing them or judging them.
Grammie, I don't want those mean people to come in here...please protect me.

Grandpa trying to control the squiggle worm and Mr Man.

The kiddos were not feeling that great after shots so Mommy put in a Baby Einstein DVD to let them relax.

Everyone is doing great. Logan currently has a viral rash which and they cannot tell us why or from what so we are waiting that out. The girls are teething machines! Elizabeth is cutting all four molars right now and once they are in she will have 12 teeth! Madison is cutting two molars now and once they are in she will have 9 once they are through. Then there is Logan who does not currently have any teeth, I think he doesn't want the trouble of trying new foods yet.

We have so many nicknames for the kids and they answer to all of them so we wanted to share, there may be more that come to me later.

Logan - Lougee, Loganator, Loganation, Doodle Bug, Mr Man, Loggie (lowgee), Lougination, Anderson (middle name)

Elizabeth - Lizy, Sage (middle name), Pinky, Sagey, Bear, Dragon, Barbarian, Sweet Pea

Madison - Madi, Madi Belle, Isabelle (middle name), Monkey, Ducky, Squiggles, Belle, Belly

Now for some pictures of the cutest kiddos ever!!!

Yes this is how I found Miss Elizabeth Sage when I was cleaning up Logan...I'm telling you she is trouble for us all.

Logan loving his new chair, this reaction is Logans face 75% of the day, he is so happy.

Mama, did you see what I did, I ROCK!!

Then there is his serious face, he is really concentrating here, one of my favorite faces. Don't you just wanna kiss him!?!

Wow look at those shirts, I wonder where Mommy got these...maybe we should check out Designed For Babies, We love you Auntie Casey! Oh and check out her blog to see how you can win a gift certificate and free shipping!!! Mommy loves all the clothes for her, Daddy, and us on this site!

For a closer look...

The girls are always together and Miss Lizy is helping Madison ride while Mommy was sick.

When the blinds come up the girls are at the window...notice how Madison is so small her pants are always falling off.

The shirts we bought on our Bahama trip...too cute.

We made it out to a park over a week ago for the first time! Logan was okay for a while...weeeee!

Lizy Bear loved it, she is going to be the one riding roller coasters with Daddy and Mommy.

Madison, well maybe next time...

Logan fell asleep on the walk back to the house, if we stopped his eyes opened but he enjoyed the ride.
Ok sissy, you can go once I give the lion lots of kisses. Love Madison in this picture.

This is a very common pose, both have balls banging on the window. I am terrified that one day these will break and the glass will shatter, however they are having fun and are entertained.

Hey Lizy, I think there are lots of ball pit balls under here...

I always make the bed unless I don't feel good then I could care less, well, last week this is how I found Blue and he is laying on Brandons pillow...missing his daddy.

Madison has started twirling her hair...so stinkin cute!

Logan laughing at The Blue most likely...when he walks by Logan is hysterical.

Elizabeths favorite thing lately is to give kisses, she is thinking about this one though.

Here Madi I will push you again...when is it my turn...Mommy get better SOON!

Jammie day with Mommy, yay!!!

Logan with his physical therapist, he loves Miss Kellye so much just mention her name and he smiles. He also does whatever she tries, unlike when Mommy is working with him.

Love to you all!!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Ok so you don't have to remind me that we have been a bit lazy with the blogging recently. So to make up for it we are going to go blog busters this week. Look for posts Monday (AJ), Wednesday (me again) and Friday (short straw) to catch everyone up on the happenings around the Sather house.

First and fore most yes we have walkers. Lizy took her first actual step awhile ago but starting Friday she was full fledged walking. And not to be outdone Madi was right behind her and Amy-Jo has called today the official Madi is a walker day. Here are some pics of the girls in action.

Lizy oh so proud of her new found skills.

Seriously can't you just see the trouble to come in those eyes.

Ok so today was a VERY hectic day so we didn't actually get any pics of Madi walking so this is as close as I could get. But trust me she is walking.

As for our boy Logan. He is doing very well with his therapy and making a lot of progress. More on this later but here is a chair one of his therapist made for him, he loves it and makes it easier for him to sit up and play.

All that work and this is usually how he ends up.

So Amy-Jo was pretty sick all week, she tried here to get the kids to veg out with her on the couch.

Three seconds later this is the result, ya three one year olds sitting still with out a harness, good luck Mommy!

I made it to a local second hand sale last weekend (more on this adventure Wednesday) but here is the "prize" of the day. The girls LOVE this thing. Lizy will just jump on and stare at you until you bounce her, yep wrapped around her little finger.

More from AJ tomorrow night.